Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Have you experienced redundancy? You may be due a tax refund

If you have received a redundancy payment (over and above a statutory redundancy amount) at any time since the start of 2008 you may be due a tax refund.

When making redundancy payments there is a tax relief which employers are unable to apply at the time of calculating the taxes payable on a redundancy payment. Therefore a large number of people are overtaxed and are eligible to apply for a tax refund.

At the end of the tax year (31 December) in which the redundancy payment was received, a full review can be undertaken to determine what tax refund you may be due. The refund is based on the principal that an individual should not pay a tax rate on their redundancy payment which is in excess of the average rate of tax paid on their income for the previous 3 years.

Fenero have been successful in obtaining significant tax refunds related to redundancy payments for a large number of our clients. These tax refunds can run into thousands of euro.

Fenero offer a no refund no fee service on assisting individuals with obtaining tax refunds in relation to redundancy payments. If there is no refund due to you, there is no fee payable to us.

So what is there to lose? Contact Fenero now for more information and a large tax refund may be winging its way to you shortly.

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